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SmartUp is a brilliant global blockchain incubation platform. It works through blockchain technology and Smart Idea Token (SIT), connecting global startup projects with investors and co-workers around the world. The platform provides a 7x24 service with zero-threshold entry to support global startups
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SmartUp X GBI “区块链技术安全与价值投资论坛”圆满落幕
2018年8月2日,SmartUp X GBI区块链技术安全与价值投资论坛在深圳St Regis 酒店圆满落幕,论坛主要就区块链区块链技术安全和价值投资进行探讨,旨在为中国区块链行业健康发展献计献策。
SmartUp 6月精彩回顾!
6月SmartUp依然精彩不断,在这个6月SmartUp 于新加坡、日本等多家机构进行了战略合作,也非常感谢合作伙伴、投资人和项目方对SmartUp的支持,才能取得良好的成果。
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SmartUp获Blockchain Japan 500万美元融资
香港的区块链项目SmartUp宣布,它已经从Blockchain Japan获得了500万美元的投资。
SMART Global Blockchain incubation Platform
Linking global investors and partners to start-up projects through SmartUp completes the entire incubation process.
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In most cases, there are not adequate and transparent information among investors, startups and co-workers, it is difficult for these stakeholders to evaluate the project potential.

As a result, SmartUp employs transaction records, user feedback and the review from third-party institutions to create an intelligent SMART CREDIT system. SMART CREDIT could assist different stakeholders in making smart decision on investment and business engagement.

Global Resources Matching

SmartUp brings together global insights & professionals to support start-ups. Co-workers can earn SIT tokens by providing services in SmartUp & share the benefits from the project development.

Lead investment & Fundraising

SmartUp is actively engaged in lead investing worldwide quality projects and committed to the growth of startup industry. In terms of fundraising, SmartUp attracts more investors by lowering the investment threshold; besides, it helps reduce up to 75% of traditional funding costs and use SIT token as a convenient and global currency for investing worldwide.

Mr. Ric Wu, a master of finance at the University of Hong Kong, He is also the Chairman of the starlight international capital group. Mr. Wu has a 15-year experience working in the financial sector, and has managed assets of over 1 billion USD.
Ric Wu
Mr. Fay Lam holds a bachelor degree in accounting and finance at the University of Hong Kong. He worked as an auditor for KPMG in Hong Kong. He is now the founder and chairman of two high-tech companies, and has developed in-depth understanding of network programming and blockchain financial application.
Fay Lam
Co-founder and CEO
China's early blockchain researchers have so far invested in more than 10 blockchain projects at home and abroad, at least 5 years of management consulting and years of investment management experience, and nearly 10 years of business time in the financial and Internet fields.
Ender Xu
CEO of Wenzhou Red Chain Blockchain Investment Co Ltd & the Partner of Wenzhou Longwan Kechuang Equity Investment Fund. Kris has extensive experience in tradi- tional incubation projects, digital currency, blockchain laboratory, and multiple Government funds and listed company M&A funds. Kris's team currently manages assets of more than RMB500 million. He has participated in number of early investment in blockchain projects.He has worked at BOC and has many years of experience in financial management.
Kris Lee
Allens has been appointed as the visiting Scholar of National University of Singapore and the Senior instructor of China's security agency. Allen has worked as a senior security researcher at 360 and Xiaomi. He has been repeatedly acknowledged by companies such as Google, Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi. Allen has extensive experience in blockchain and artifical intelligence. In 2017, Allen's team has developed blockchain based cross boarder wallets. Allen has delivered keynote speeches on payment and mobile device security at Black Hat, Hitb and international security conferences.
Allen Zhang
Louie works as head of the business strategy division of South Korea's C-JeS Entertainment. Previously, he worked as senior strategist at KPMG, Nemo Partners strategic consulting group, CCG investor relations office in New York, BCG Seoul office, PWC Seoul office and India L&T Infotech Mumbai office.
Louie Kang
Mr. Tony Yip holds a electronic commerce and a master degree of business administration at Chinese University of Hong Kong He provided services for many international financial institutions, including Prudential Financial, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, and JACK MORTON.
Tony Yip
Ms. Erica Chen, who holds a master's degree in law, served as assistant secretary-general at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. Ms. Chen is an elite member of the industry, taking serving the community as a personal mission.
Erica Chen
Legal Adviser
Yuriy holds PhD in Mathematics from Kiev University and PhD in Actuarial Science from the University of New South Wales (Sydney). He has delivered a number of strategic risk and capital projects. His current duties at PwC involve providing consulting services to the Lloyd's market and London company。
MSc, PhD
Mr. Ricky Ng, co-founder and director at McfeeCC, one of the largest funds in 2017, co-founder of iClick Interactive , one of the largest digital advertising platforms in Greater China Region, and partner of Baidu’ s and Tencent’ s. He worked as senior business director at Business Department of Yahoo China.
Ricky Ng
IHT Founder
Mr. Peter Xu, co-founder of Shine Chain, senior investors. He worked as managing deputy director of Zhongkong Zhilian among other outstanding executive positions. Mr. Xu has been mainly engaged in blockchain investment, venture capital investment, equity investment, NGOs and other businesses.
Peter Xu
Founder and CEO of Mine Capital
Mr. Yu Peiheng, a founding partner of Hong Kong law firm - L&Y Law Office, holds a bache- lor's degree in law in England of the UK. He has acquired lawyer’ s qualifications in England, Wales and Hong Kong. Mr. Yu is also qualified at Chartered Institute of Management Ac- countants.
Henry Yu
L&Y Law Office , Founding Partner
Ms. Jessica Qu a master of economics from Jilin University, worked at several listed com- panies in Hong Kong. She has more than 10 years of working experience in the whole value chain integration of industrial entity management. In 2014, she helped 5 listed companies to com- plete merger and acquisition.
Jessica Qu
Executive Director of Starlight International Capital Group
Hirao Yasutaka graduated from the Humanities Department of Hiroshima Shudo University. After graduating in the real estate industry for more than 20 years. In 2011, a virtual currency research center was established in Japan. Served as an adviser to Blockchain Japan Co., Ltd. Operating a number of companies.
Hirao Yasutaka
Japan Consultant
Andrey is the member of Swiss blockchain Foundation.Andrey is a successful finance and investment professional with more than 20 years’ experi-ence in the retail, telecoms and fintech sectors. In 2011-2016 he worked as Chief Financial Officer at Svyaznoy, Russia’ s largest mobile phone retailer. Before that he spent 6 years as CFO of Rolf, the largest car
Andrey Guni
Switzerland Consultant
Team background
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