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SmartUp Reservation plan
Notice: at present, we do not accept any reservation from Chinese or American passports.
Token mechanism
SmartUp Token issues its first batch of tokens with a maximum 30% of the total amount of tokens. Please refer to the following chapters for more detailed information. The total supply of SmartUp Token will be set as 5 billion, and will not be issued again in the future, no public sale.
SmartUp Token Sale Issue Amoun

Maximum Limit: 28.5 million USD

SmartUp Token Total Usage Analysis

Issued tokens will be distributed as follows:

-30% for early investors (including 10% for cornerstone investors and 20% for private equity investors);

-17% set up an incubation fund to allocate funds or digital assets to support excellent incubation projects and blockchain technology development;

-10% is owned by Foundation employees (mainly management team and development team);

-30% reserve tokens for the Foundation (20% Foundation development, 10% ecosystem deployment)

-8% Early contributors

-5% consultants and services fee

Period of Locked Issued Tokens

-The cornerstone round will start to release 20% after half year, then unlock 20% every 2 months and release in 14 months;

-Private equity fund will releuse 20% before the listing of exchange, then unlocked 10% per month and released in 8 months;

-Foundation employees allow to release up tp 20% after the three months of launch, and then the remaining 3 years are released;

-The locking period of early investors is six months;